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January album cover_resized

The new album "January" - now available!

European/UK tour 2014 - tour dates now in place for England, Ireland, Germany & The Netherlands, starting March 30th!
Watch the calendar section for show details

LA Weekly Pick of the Week for live music!
"Anny Celsi is one of this city's smartest and catchiest pop songwriters...contemplative lyrics and intimately affecting vocals"
-- Falling James, LA Weekly

“The pop doesn’t get much smoother or cooler ...From the toe-tapping groove of “Au Revoir, My Darling” to the multi-layered beauty of “Kaleidoscope Heart” – Anny and her supporting cast of All-Stars deliver the hits in spades.  Chill out through the Summer doldrums with this nine-pack of goodness from the “Queen of Cool-Pop” -- Sparky Shockpop, SHOCKPOP!

“….it’s just the perfect music; all summery, sunshine pop with gorgeous harmonies abounding…this rootsy, pop-flavoured collection of self-penned songs is a genuine winner.” –Alan Cackett, Maverick Magazine 

“…familiar styles -sunshine pop, country flavored rock -but done with a fresh approach and melodies that sound like instant hits.” – Cabin Essence

“Zelden straalt een album zo’n karakter uit. ‘January’ is een veelzijdig album dat ook heel wat Americana liefhebbers zal bekoren.” – Keys and Chords

“These are pop songs for which the phrase 'perfect pop song' was invented.” – Freddy Celis, Rootstime

“Anny Celsi…has been churning out first-class handmade music with songs that run deep enough to appeal to the folk & roots crowd while the arrangements are a far cry from morose traditionalism.  With her mellifluous, well-tempered voice with a subtle hint of melancholia, Celsi draws us in while her poetic lyrics touch upon travel experiences, relationships and personal matters…What I’m trying to say: Anny Celsi is an original artist with a unique sound.”  – Chill@Blue Rose 


"The best album of the last five years!" - Terry Rawlings, author of "Who Killed Christopher Robin?"

Al Kooper’s ‘Cream of Musical Crop’ (Boston Herald)
-- "I’m a fan!” – Al Kooper

“… Byrdsian jangle and exquisite psyche-pop harmonies perfect for a long car ride…Fans of classic sixties pop influences should pick this one up right away.” – Aaron Kupferberg, Powerpopaholic

"Think of Victoria Williams, Aimee Mann, Suzanne Vega and Sheryl Crow mixed together and you begin to get the picture...Anny is pretty much their equal as a songwriter." 

-- S.P. Clarke, Two Louies

 "...a beatnik-cool performer who veers from poppy, bouncy beats to jazzy piano bar riffs and sexy come-ons... she’s sensitive but no wimp and a fellow traveler to Aimee Mann and Sheryl Crow.  The “pop-noir” soundtrack of her solo debut, “Little Black Dress,” wears a veneer of L.A. Confidential style." -- Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press