One of the best shows ever.... - November 30, 2014

Last week in my hometown of Portland, Oregon I had the great honor of opening a show for one of my longtime favorite songwriters, Steve Forbert.  I've loved Steve's music ever since he busted out with 'Romeo's Tune' back in 1979.  Many people haven't heard much more of him since then but he's made a dozen or so really amazing albums, each of them filled with incredibly beautiful songs that you can't get out of your head once you've heard them.  I sang his song 'Wait,' from his second album Jackrabbit Slim, as a lullaby to my son when he was little; recently I recorded it for my album January, and my son played piano and sang backup on the track.

Steve has continued to tour non-stop since the '80s.  He is amazing onstage; energetic, engaging, funny, heartbreaking, and an inspiration every time I've seen him live.  Sharing a bill with an artist like him is a dream come true.

The show was at the gorgeous Alberta Rose Theatre.  Arlo Rodieck came down and shot both my set and Steve's, and there are some clips up on Youtube.  Arlo did a fantastic job of capturing both the mood and the music of this wintry Portland night - please check it out!

Summer Fling: Live at the Alberta Rose Theater

Anny Celsi