UK Tour 2017 - Wow, it's over!

Big thanks to everyone who participated in supporting our 50th Summer of Love UK Tour 2017...the venues, the soundmen, the people who hosted us, fed us, came out to the shows, took pics and videos, told their friends, came out to more shows, carried gear, fixed our tires, took us record shopping, hung our wash on their lines, chimed in on their's a long, long list and we'll get to that!! For now we just want to say - we'll be back!
You can keep up with things at our Facebook page or join the mailing list (see below).

MEANTIME: If you have PICS OR VIDEOS of the shows, please send them along (or upload to Youtube with a private link so we can post it).  

If you want to RECOMMEND A VENUE or festival for our next tour, please contact us with as much contact info as possible (esp. if you know the booker personally) so we can look into it!
We'd really like to have you on our EMAIL LIST for the day when Facebook finally explodes or eats itself (you know it's coming...!) - please visit the contact page and submit your name, email address and city where you live so we can keep you updated when the next happening happens!

FINALLY - YOU CAN STILL PURCHASE THE "ROAD TO GLASGOW" CD and T-SHIRTS too at - so if you missed out at the gig or want more copies for friends, please do so!

...and remember...EVERY summer is the Summer of Love! Til next time!

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New CD to be released for UK Tour!

New CD coming out on Steel Derrick Records: Nelson, Anny and Duncan are just sprinkling the final fairy dust on a new release: Celsi, Bragg & Maitland: The Road to Glasgow.  The album is a celebration of their past and future adventures touring in the UK, with new songs from all three writers, previously unreleased covers of songs by Bob Dylan, Paul Kelly and Peter Holsapple, and a few choice tunes recorded live at Glasgow's Elba Sessions during their 2011 tour.  Copies will be available along the tour route, along with tour t-shirts and our combined back catalog of music!

Anny Celsi